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Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Day 99

“Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and
Thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing
of my heart: for I am called by Thy name,
Lord God of hosts”
Jeremiah 15:16

Have you ever considered that God’s word is food to us? Just as physical food feeds our body, His word feeds the whole person. Although we could die physically without food, we will die eternally without His food. And just as eating the right foods contributes to our general health and well being, God’s word makes us clean, shows us how to walk in the light, and gives us wisdom.

God did not leave us to our own resources. He has equipped us with everything we need and His word is one of the key elements. His word is eternal [Psalm 119:89] and as we eat of it, we will be building eternal truths in our lives. In an age where situation ethics reigns and values are absent, His word guides us in life. It is an eternal anchor.

There is more than just having His word. There is more than just attending bible studies. There is a place where we can embrace His word as a joy knowing we are called by His name. We are His! Jeremiah exclaimed, “I did eat them;” Ezekiel ate the scroll; Job treasured the word; David hid the word in his heart so he wouldn’t sin against God; Peter instructed us to crave the word. Thank you Lord for Your word – it brings us life.

“By it you may grow up in your salvation”
1 Peter 2:2


Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Day 98

“God is our refuge and strength,
a very present help in trouble”
Psalm 46:1

When we were small children and were greatly threatened by danger, we would run into the arms of our mother or father. Instinctively we knew we were not only being protected, but completely shielded from the danger. It was like a hiding place, a safe sanctuary where we had no fear, doubts or further concern. Everything was going to be well. These instincts were natural to us as children, God-given for our safety and covering.

How things change as adults! The transition from childhood to adulthood for true believers should be from our earthly parent’s covering to God’s. Who do we run to when we encounter great danger and trouble in adulthood? The truth is many do not know God’s place of refuge. Yet, everything needed to protect and keep us, give us peace and strength, stop fear and give help is present in our Father and Lord Jesus Christ.

God has provided everything we need in Jesus Christ. We need only to make Him the center of everything in our life – “God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved” [verse 5]. We need only to be still and quiet in Him and know He is sovereign over every minute detail of our life, knowing not one thing happens without His knowledge. We need to be as a child in coming to our Lord. Practice this and you shall never again know fear.

“Therefore will not we fear, though the earth
be removed, and though the mountains be
carried into the midst of the sea”
Psalm 46:2


Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Day 97

“Though the Lord is on high,
He looks upon the lowly”
Psalm 138:6

What draws God’s heart to us? More than any one other aspect of our life, it is being humble. That is the heart of our Father and Savior. He is a God of such magnitude that it is literally impossible to comprehend His depth. Yet, our great God who created us lowered Himself to become man – to become one of us – so we would have hope. He humbled Himself and He consistently demonstrated humility during His earthly life as an example of His heart.

Man, on the other hand, is self-righteous. We are independent, self-sufficient, and occupied with ourselves and our thoughts. The parable of the Pharisee and Publican is a clear example of self-righteousness versus humility [Luke 18:9-14]. We really need to know ourselves and the Holy Spirit will open our eyes if we permit Him. Then we will stop looking at our own goodness and see how sin has blinded us with self-righteousness. We need to know the depth of our own corruption and sin to the point of crying out to God for mercy.

The Publican prayed, “God be merciful to me the sinner,” and God drew near Him. He knew the truth about himself and he was saved because of it. When he prayed, it was a request – petition – begging God’s mercy. Reach out today for God’s mercy in your life. God will draw near and then you will be exalted in Him.

“Humble yourselves therefore under the
mighty hand of God, that He may
exalt you in due time”
1 Peter 5:6


Monday, May 24th, 2010

Day 96

“I have spoken it, I will also bring it to pass;
I have purposed it, I will also do it”
Isaiah 46:11

God the Father’s eternal counsel willed and planned for us to be His children. He desired for us to know Him intimately. Adam made a decision to disobey and sin that many think changed all that. The truth is Adam was a natural man created by God in His image, but had not yet become a partaker of God’s life. Understanding this will help understand the Father’s plan for us.

The Father’s plan goes on – it hasn’t changed. His plan calls for us to become His sons through a birth relationship [Romans 8:14], to share in joint heirship with Christ [8:17] by growth and development of our character unto the fullness of Christ [Ephesians 4:13], and throneship [2 Timothy 2:12], where we will share in ruling with Him. We are called ‘to become,’ ‘to share’ and ‘to reign’ with Him.

Think about it! What a glorious truth – we’ve been destined by God to share in His (a) life, (b) nature and (c) plan! He has purposed these for us. We have been chosen to be partakers. We have been trusted with His treasures.

“Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling,
not according to our works, but according to His
own purpose and grace, which was given us in
Christ Jesus before the world began”
2 Timothy 1:9


Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Day 95

“…go, and sin no more”
John 8:1-11

Do you remember being caught doing something very bad as a child or youth? Getting caught red-handed is an experience that you can only know if you have been through it. For one with any conscience at all, it is humiliating to have a deed done in the dark come to the light.

An unnamed woman was caught in the act of adultery by the scribes and Pharisees, who then brought her to Jesus. The main focus in this passage is on the dialogue concerning the trap set by the Pharisees and Jesus’ answer. Yet in the midst of this stands a powerful revelation of God’s grace and mercy, and how it met this woman. According to the law, she should have been put to death. Yet, she became the object of a fight over religious legalism.

That day in the Temple religious legalism met Grace and Mercy, and legalism was driven from God’s house. The woman became the object of His Grace and Mercy, neither being condemned nor put to death. Instead, she found forgiveness and freedom.

“But God commendeth His love toward us, in that,
while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us”
Romans 5:8


Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Day 94

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear;
but of power, and of love and of a sound mind”
2 Timothy 1:7

What a declaration! Although Paul was writing this in the context of ministry, the truth of this verse applies to every true believer. It is an extraordinary revelation of how God has equipped us to live our lives here on earth. We are not defenseless, we have nothing to fear. We do not need to be cowardly in the face of the enemy.

God has given us the Holy Spirit, who dwells in us. We have been given power – limitless, never-failing power. It is the power to declare the name of Jesus, to stand up for our faith, to speak righteousness in the midst of unrighteousness. It is a part of who we are as new creations, of our character, and the faith in which we walk. Added to that is love. We are able to love our enemies, love those who hate, love those in need. God has shed His love broadly in our hearts, and now we can demonstrate and live that love in our daily lives.

God has given us a sound mind, and leads us to self-discipline. When things in our lives, relationships, and society come apart and become stressful, where there are pandemonium and emotional outbursts, we can be steady as a rock, levelheaded and focused on the power of love. We become a ‘rock’ to others who need to know His peace in their lives. Yes, God has given us everything pertaining to life and godliness so that we can stand in faith.

“Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust,
and not be afraid: for the Lord Jehovah
is my strength and my song”
Isaiah 12:2


Friday, May 21st, 2010

Day 93

“It is God that girdeth me with strength,
and maketh my way perfect”
Psalm 18:32

There are some verses in the bible that can be difficult to understand. Take for instance Matthew 5:48, part of the Sermon of the Mount, that reads: “Be ye perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” Is this really possible? Can you be perfect? Are you perfect? For us to understand this verse, we must understand what ‘perfect’ means. Being ‘perfect’ is our being brought to completion, fully-grown and lacking nothing in Jesus Christ. It is the fullness of maturity.

The fact is that we are called to be perfect, and it is possible for us to become perfect. God does not call us to do anything that is not possible. It is the way in which it is done that brings the revelation of His glory. You and I can not be perfect on our own or by our own strength. Our lives are filled with shortcomings, failures and sin. No matter how hard we try, we can not perfect ourselves. The glory of all this is that He takes us in our ragged condition and makes us His children. Then, as any good Father, He trains and raises us up to be full grown.

David wrote this psalm because he experienced God giving him strength and wisdom in battle. God made his way safe and perfect. David was victorious because of it. And it is the same for us. God’s divine nature is in us. The Holy Spirit is filling us and working His mighty power in our character teaching us to know Him and His will. And the glory is this: “for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to His purpose” [Philippians 2:13]. Yes, He makes our way perfect!

“By one sacrifice He has made perfect
forever those who are being made holy”
Hebrews 10:14


Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Day 92

“For He Himself is our peace”
Ephesians 2:14

A store marquee had this message on it; “Don’t Worry – Smile.” Another one had this message; “Stop Worrying – Think Happy Thoughts.” And so the world goes. We can understand why motivational books sell well, and positive thinking is in the vogue. Interestingly, Christians also wrestle with this issue. Often we hear, “I am praying for peace.” Many prayer requests indicate the need for peace. This is unfortunate because Peace is already here.

Christ alone is our peace. There is no peace apart from Him. If you are a true believer, you have peace. There is no seeking it. There is no crying out for it. You do not earn it; His blood has purchased it for you. You do not labor for it. The Prince of Peace [Isaiah 9:6] has torn down the walls between you and God. Warfare has ended. This is the truth, and it does not depend on your feelings, beliefs, or circumstances.

Paul prayed that the eyes of our understanding may be enlightened in order that we may know and grasp the hope to which we have been called, and His incomparably great power for us who believe. Christ’s peace reaches ever facet of our life, every situation, and for every minute. We need to ask the Holy Spirit to open our eyes, and grasp the Peace of all peace that dwells with us.

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts”
Colossians 3:15


Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Day 91

“O taste and see that the Lord is good”
Psalm 34:8

People of the world always ask the same question: “If God is so good, why does He allow so many to die?” Interesting – Satan did the same thing with the first man and woman. “Did God say . . .” Or in other words, if He is so good, why can’t you eat from the Tree of Knowledge?

That seed Satan planted has plagued man ever since. One of the ways has been God’s people questioning His goodness. After they were freed from Egypt, they complained, grumbled, and basically lacked belief in God’s goodness and provision. All the way up to today, people still hold a skewed view of God. He is perceived to be a harsh judge who will send a bolt of lightning if you miss the mark; that He will allow you to be lost, impose sickness on you, or a myriad of other false beliefs.

None of these views of God are true.

There is a great verse in Matthew that reveals the nature of God’s goodness: “What man is there among you, when his son shall ask him for a loaf, will give him a stone? Or, if he shall ask for a fish, he will not give him a snake, will he? If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him!” [Matthew 7:9-11]. Even in our own failures God is good to us. The Lord is good to all, and his compassion is over all that he has made, declares the Psalmist [145:8-9]

Knowing the goodness of God is a life-transforming truth.

“But as for me, the nearness of God is my good”
Psalm 73:28


Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Day 90

“Accounting that God was able”
Hebrews 11:17-19

The Scriptures do not record what Abraham went through the night before he took his only son up the mountain to sacrifice him. God had instructed him to make this sacrifice, even though this was the promised son for whom Abraham had waited for many years. God’s directive seemed to contradict His promise; it didn’t make sense.

One can only imagine what a tremendous inward struggle Abraham must have had. To him, it would have seemed like the last night with his young son. Then in the morning the boy asks, “Where is the sacrifice?” Abraham said God would provide. This great man walked in great faith, trusting completely in the sovereignty of God. Even when he bound his son on the altar and had lifted the sacrificial knife, he was prepared to do what God had said. As he lifted the knife to sacrifice his son God stayed his hand and provided a ram for the sacrifice.

This profound experience changed Abraham. When he left that mountain, his relationship with the boy was no longer in the flesh – he now possessed him through God.

How about you? If God tests you with directions that contradict your desires, or which you do not understand, will you obey? Only those who know God, His sovereignty, and have faith can cross these bridges. Otherwise, we possess everything in the natural instead of the Spirit. Abraham found God in a new way that day – the God who will provide.

“Abraham reasoned that God could raise the dead,
and figuratively speaking, he did receive
Isaac back from death”
Hebrews 11:27