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Monday, July 5th, 2010

Day 124

“The Lord takes pleasure in those who fear him,
in those who hope in his steadfast love”
Psalm 147:11

God is the all-satisfying end of our longings. Our fulfillment is in Him and Him alone. For many though, it is they who are the center of being a Christian. It is what God does for and gives to them that have the focus. To be sure, we are thankful for our salvation and His gifts, but maturity brings us to a much greater fulfillment in Him.

The gospel is one of grace and it brings glory to God. When we recognize that we had nothing to do with our being His child, except to come home, and that God gave us His love freely and not because he was obliged or had to, we enter a new understanding of who He is and His great glory. He then becomes the center of the gospel, not us, and His glory is exalted on high.

“They love to make their boast only in the Lord [1 Corinthians 1:31]. This is to be our true state – to boast and take delight in the Lord. We love God for who He is and not what He does for us. This brings us a rest and whether we are in good health or sickness, joy or tribulation, we are steadfast in our delight in the Lord. God then becomes the beginning, middle and end of all that we do in life. He is our All in All.

“From him and through him and to him are all things;
to him be glory for ever and ever”


Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Day 19

“. . . and become mature, attaining to the
whole measure of the fullness of Christ”
Ephesians 4:13

Our purpose on this earth is to reach maturity in obtaining the fullness of Christ. We are encouraged to grow in Him, and take our place as co-laborers in His work. However, what is this maturity and fullness of Christ?

It is nothing less then having the pattern of Fatherhood in our lives as it was in Christ’s life. It is the ultimate goal of our walk in Christ. It reflects the natural order of growth as seen in the progression of childhood to sonship, then to husband and fatherhood. The child develops a relationship with God the Father that is Christ-centered and cultivates the attitude of Christ. The son puts away childish things and takes on the attitude of Christ, developing a greater concern for others. The husband demonstrates maturity in relationships, bringing his house into order through love. Moreover, the father is the faithful one who builds God’s character in other people.

This is the Father’s desire; that we become like Him in all things. Jesus’ walk here on the earth reflected His Father. He was the first man to give perfect obedience to the Father, and now He has many sons who may do the same. Moreover, fathers are those who, as Christ, give glory to Him by establishing the pattern of His Fatherhood in others.

“That you may be mature and complete,
not lacking anything”
James 1:4