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Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Day 193

“I will meet with you”
Exodus 25:22

Jesus is coming.

He wants to meet with you.

He is going to meet you with His mercy-seat.

And, He is going to tear down everything in you that impedes and hinders you from meeting Him.

You are His and He has come to make you as He is. There is only one focus in The Most Holy Place: God Himself. Not Satan, not the world, not the flesh. And, not your sins. It is He Himself. The Father beholds His Son and He is passionate about you. He is jealous about you. He will not share you with anyone or anything else.

Listen saints; He created you to be His and He has had enough with the things that have captured you. Man has tried to put God in a box. We have impaired ourselves with a religious system and practices that box God into a Sunday package. We have perceptions and beliefs about God that distort a true picture of who He really is to us. We practice a dichotomy of God up there and us down here. We believe in self-realization, self-strength, and self sufficiency instead of resting purely on Him. We see Him as an answer Man to get us through and out of things instead of a Friend. We give Satan credit for everything wrong instead of seeing him as a defeated enemy. The list goes on and on.

Guess what? He’s had enough. He’s coming and is going to set you free. He wants His child back. He’s coming with fire in His eyes and will burn away everything that isn’t His. He will refine and purify you, cleansing your house and setting it in order. Praise God!

“They will be mine, says the Lord Almighty”
Malachi 3:17