Young AdultsYoung Adults Have Unique Needs
Young adults have unique needs as they transition from their high school years into college, jobs, marriage, and just becoming a productive adult.

Young Adults Meetings & Activities

Our young adult activities and studies create opportunity for those in their late teens and twenties to get together, have some fun, and discuss, from a Christian perspective, issues that are important to them as young adults.

Camp Grace

Camp GraceEach summer the children and youth of Grace Community Church attend Camp Grace. Camp Grace is an exciting four-day summer retreat held at Laurel Hill State Park in Somerset, PA. The camp is run by adult and young adult volunteers who graciously donate their time to afford children and teens of the community this opportunity. The final evening of Camp Grace is the talent show conducted by the young adults, children and teens. This event is open to adults and is worth the trip to see these amazing young people's talents. Check out the Camp Grace photos ...

The Alle-Kiski School of Biblical Studies

Alle-Kiski School of Biblical Studies
The Alle-Kiski School of Biblical Studies is a free online course of studies open to young adults. The school, founded in 1995, is a ministry of Grace Community Church, located in Vandergrift, PA in the heart of the Alle-Kiski Valley region east of Pittsburgh, PA. Read more ...

the Christian Performing Arts Company - CPAC

CPACThrough the power of real-life dialogue, acting out true testimonies of Biblical persons and even of today's people who have found Christ, we use the performing arts, multimedia and technology to deliver His message of Life that saves. The Christian Performing Arts Company are adults and young adults dedicated to professionalism and excellence in the arts to carry out this mission. Here is an exciting opportunity for everyone to participate in communicating the gospel through performing arts. Actors often present the Great Men of the Bible, Great Women of the Bible and Children's Bible Story Time through video web-casts (streaming video) and audio. Actors also present plays and skits each week at the Kids' Community Bible Club and are available to churches for their programs. Check out the CPAC web site. Or, see the CPAC photos ...

Picnics: Summer and Winter

There is nothing like a good picnic, good food, and having a good time together. At least twice a year we gather and have a great day together. Great food, sports, swimming, games, hikes, campfires and spending time with friends refreshes everyone and leaves you with the satisfaction of a day well spent! See the Events photos ...

Counseling Services

God has a plan that is for our good, a way to live in freedom, peace and joy. He understands our needs and weaknesses and promises that if we follow His plan we will prosper. We offer counseling to help know God's plan and how to fulfill it.

* Financial Counseling:
Gain control of your finances, learn how to budget and begin to build income for the future.

* Marriage Counseling:
God designed marriage for our happiness. Learn about His plan that makes marriage a joy and fulfillment of our life. Find answers and resolution to conflicts and turn your marriage around for the good.

* Personal Counseling:

Available for personal problems that beset your life. There is nothing under the sun that God can't show you how to walk through and find answers. It is His desire for you to walk in freedom in this life.

Greater Wind Band

Greater Wind

Greater Wind is a team of sincere and talented musicians who lead worship at Grace Community Church. They have also led worship and presented dynamic programs mixed with drama in other churches and venues. While instruments range from drums to saxophone to flutes and guitars, the members include not only adults but also young adults and teenagers. They use a variety of styles of music in worship, from hymns to choruses to contemporary Christian Music. Visit the Greater Wind web site ...

Puppet Ministry

GCC PuppetsThere is nothing as fun as watching children laugh and sing with puppets. the Grace Community Church Puppet Ministry performs live at Grace Community Church Sunday mornings and regionally at churches and events. Teens and young adults are encouraged to become a member of the puppeteers team for a rewarding experience in ministering to children of the region. See the Puppet Ministry photos ...

Ministry Services & Helps

Everyone has a part to add in God's house. Adult and young adult members are invited to bring their talents and passions into a wide range of ministries at Grace Community Church. Do you have a passion for serving God and building a solid eternal reward? There is a place for you and your family to exercise your interests and use your talents for the Kingdom of God. Grace Community Church makes the way for those with willing hearts. Ministry Services include work in:

   Fund Raising
   Child Care Services
   Senior Care Services
   Theatrical Acting
   Theatrical Costuming
   Theatrical Make-up
   Theatrical Set Building
   Theatrical & Media Technologies
   Grounds Care
   Auto Repair
   Music Production
   Lawn Care
   Door Greeters
   Audio / Visual
   Computer Technologies
   Internet Technologies
   Graphic Design
   Media Production
   Legal Services
   Financial Services
   Medical Services
   Business Services
   Tutoring Services
   Community Services
   and much more ... get involved today!

New Life at GCC

 A New Life
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