Gentle, Understanding and Dedicated Men and Women of God

Grace Community Church is blessed to have a staff of Godly men and women who have more than 150 years of combined experience in various ministries, including pastoring churches, evangelism, preaching, teaching, youth ministries, children ministries and administration. They have birthed several ministries in the church that were early pioneer works that integrated new technologies and Internet capabilities to publish the Gospel. Other ministries they have brought forth include CPAC - the Christian Performing Arts Company, the American Christian Heritage Group, the Alle-Kiski School of Biblical Studies, Alle-Kiski Inspired, and the Kiski Valley Food Bank. These ministries have impacted people regionally and around the world.

Several of these ordained ministers grew up in the area, and some even rose up from within the GCC family to become ministers of the Gospel. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds, from construction to education to tradesmen to journalism to technology and more. The GCC staff minister from an amazing and incredible testimony of the Father's mercy. They have proven to be honorable and faithful in all of God's House. They passionately lay down their lives for this Body of Christ over and over. They endeavor to make sure everyone is taken care of.They faithfully teach the Word of God and live It in their lives. They inspire us to run the race set before us.

Even more importantly, they fulfill what Ephesians says about equipping the saints for the work of ministry, to build up the Body of Christ. And that is just what they do: equip us to do the work of ministry. As a result, Grace Community Church is a place where everyone helps out. Brothers and sisters in Christ bring the abilities God has given them and plow them into needs of our church. Some take care of the lighting, electrical, audio-visual and technical needs, while others extend a warm hand of hospitality. Still others give of their time and energy to clean the church, landscape the grounds, shovel walks, and teach and care for the little ones in the nursery and Sunday School. Many in our church volunteer in a local area food bank, the Kiski Valley Food Bank. Then there are those who toil away long hours into the night, hidden away, administrating, planning, paying bills and doing paperwork. What a great honor to be a part of this Grand Design, this assembled Divine Jigsaw Puzzle of saints that make up this Body of Christ called Grace Community.