Senior Elder

Rev. Steve Myers is our Senior Elder. Steve came to the Kiski Valley from Syracuse, New York, in the very early 1980's. A newspaperman and minister for many years previously, he was a part of the founding of Grace Community Church. In the process of loving God's people, he has helped to lay a strong foundation in our church, and became a father to many. He also contributed greatly to Visions of Glory (one of the earliest Christian web sites on the Internet), writing a daily devotional and interviewing local pastors as well as producing an e-mail newsletter to subscribers from all over the world. He  currently writes the 365 Days Of Glory devotional.

Other Elders

Elder, Sandy Shuster, has been a part of Grace Community Church since its founding. A retired 30-year veteran school teacher, Sandy has, from the beginning, worked with and still oversees Grace Community Church's educational and children's programs, building them into strong ministries over the years. During that time, she has imparted and multiplied herself through the gifts the Lord gave her. Many people have come to know the richness of God through her ministry and many of them now serve in ministries. Sandy is a testimony to the power of God's Word. Sandy currently serves as the director of the School of Biblical Studies.