Our Senior Pastor

Our Senior Pastor, Brandon West, has been a part of Grace Community since he was a young boy. He was involved in the GCC Sunday School and youth group and has been a part of several of our ministries. Brandon was in our church's boy scout program and became our first Eagle Scout. He later served as youth leader for many years, as well as helping to lead a Saturday night service for young adults. He has also worked in the field of technology for nearly 20 years. His wife, Jennifer West, is also Pastor at Grace Community Church.

Pastor Jennifer West, daughter of James Laero, founding Pastor of Grace Community Church, has been a part of the church here since her birth. She has served in nearly every ministry, including the music ministry and food bank. She also was a youth leader here for several years. Jenny writes, produces and directs the children's Christmas and Easter plays each year. She has also had several years experience in the medical field. She and Pastor Brandon live in the Kiski Valley.


Pastor Judy West. Pastor of womem's and youth ministries. Grace Community is blessed to be served by pastors and elders from the area. Pastor West came to Christ through an outreach of Grace Community Church years ago and has served through the years at the church as a deacon, Sunday school teacher, youth leader and as the overseeing elder of the music ministry prior to being set into pastoral ministry in 1999. Having come from a background of abuse, Pastor Judy readily relates to the challenges of many people in today's society, and ministers from an amazing and incredible testimony of the Father's mercy. Judy is the co-founder of the Kiski Valley Food Bank, Greater Wind Christian Band, the GCC Summer Youth Camp and the Life Discovery Journey video series.


Pastor Chris Myers grew up in Grace Community Church and proved to be honorable and faithful in all of God's House. Chris shepherds members in areas that include building and grounds, physical resources & technology, transportation and deacons. Serving as Associate Pastor through 2008 and ordained as a Grace Community Church pastor in June of 2009, Pastor Chris currently serves as pastor of men's ministries. Chris is a generous man and daily cares for the members of the church with a great dedication and zeal.

Our Senior Pastor Emeritus

Our Senior Pastor Emeritus, Jim Laero, answered the call to ministry as a teenager. By age twenty-five, he had served as a street evangelist, deacon and church elder. In 1981 he, along with a handful of local believers, founded what is now Grace Community Church, where he was apointed Senior Pastor in October of 1982. In his thirty-five years of ministry he has founded more than a dozen ministries that have impacted people regionally and around the world; some of which are; CPAC - the Christian Performing Arts Company, the American Christian Heritage Group, the Alle-Kiski School of Biblical Studies, Kiski Valley Inspired, and the Kiski Valley Food Bank. Several of these ministries were early pioneer works integrating new technologies and Internet capabilities to publish the Gospel. Pastor Jim is also an accomplished psalmist in the composition of contemporary Christian music and is author of the book, Life With Our Father, the Better Life of Knowing God.