A rewarding path to fellowship can begin today.

Five exciting steps ...

STEP 1 - Visit

Visit Grace Community Church for at least a month. Attend as many functions as you are able. Get to know the people of GCC. Go through the information on the GCC web site. This will better enable you to make an informed decision about joining.

STEP 2 -
Make Application

Make formal application, in writing to the elders, for membership to Grace Community Church. (Ask any GCC Pastor or Elder for help with this.)

Download a sample of the GCC Membership Application.

STEP 3 - New Members Course

Attend a Grace Community Church "New Members Course of Study." This is a personal study course that takes you through the basics of membership, the church, and the Christian faith. It is an easy to follow and enjoyable course.

STEP 4 -

Find a ministry, or ministries, that interest you at Grace Community Church and volunteer for service. New member applicants must complete a minimum of three months of volunteer service to a ministry at GCC.

STEP 5 - Membership Ceremony

After completing steps one through four, the pastors and elders will conduct you into membership at Grace Community Church at a special Sunday Service ceremony.


Invite a Friend or Family Member

Friends and family members can go through the membership process together.

Go At Your Own Pace

The New Members Course of Study is designed to be completed in a consistent fashion but special arrangements are available to enable you to progress at your own pace.

Ready to Begin ?
Visit Grace Community Church this Sunday morning :)
We will be honored to have you.

Request more information ...
Email us ... info@gracechurchlife.com
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We will be honored to hear from you.



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New Life at GCC

 A New Life
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